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Cathy Keslin

Louise “lwiZ” Périclès, was our grandmother. She believed in the multiple virtues of black castor oil “lwil maskriti” and mastered the art massaging. Not only did she use oils for healing purposes but she also used them cosmetically to care of her children and her grandchildren hair.

Today “lwiZ” comes with her famous blends to bring YOU, your best hair, from root to tip.

“lwiZ”, because the solution begins with the roots.

When Cathy gave birth to her second child, little did she imagine that she would have to deal with the dreaded postpartum shedding. Not only did she lose all her hair in her temple area; but one year later, it still hadn’t grown back. Cathy was breastfeeding and she didn’t want to compromise her child’s health to meet her personal needs. She needed an alternative solution. That’s when the idea of going back to her roots came to her: using her grandmother’s Louise’s lwiZ recipes made from a simple blend of black castor oil and botanicals, she overcame her battle with hair loss and grew her hair back.

Today Cathy bring this blend to you, along with an array of simple handcrafted product made to help you grow, or regrow your hair.
Today Cathy bring your lwiZ, the alternative root. 

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