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Cathy Keslin

My drive is a meaningful life

My name is Cathy Keslin. Few years ago, I was losing my hair and decided to change totally my habits and hairstyling. After many years being associated with artificial treatment and appearance, I step up for the natural way. Today I'm offering you to experience the wellness of aligning your authenticity with natural healthy hair...

Recovering my hair after pregnancy

lwiZ for ever

‘I discovered Lwiz when I was pregnant. I had significant hair loss in the centre (of the scalp) and I almost cut off all my hair. My sister recommended Lwiz and I was amazed!. After only two months using (name product), my hair grew back! I’ve been using Lwiz scalp oils for two years now and my hair is magnificent, stronger and longer!!!! Lwiz 4ever!!

Sessi Owner and Founder of Sessi Tasty

Pleasant sensation when using

I do recommend

I have been using this lwiZ oil for 18 months now. I find it very soft to the touch and its minty scent is very subtle. The daily use of lwiZ has given me beautiful hair, more than I could have imagined. For your hair care I highly recommend using lwiZ which is very effective and it moisturizes the scalp

Néné NGO employee

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